3M QS Series Document Reader Driver

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Linear Flash PCMCIA Memory PC Cards AMD Series D, SRS Line
PCMCIA Linear Flash PC Cards AMD Series D (PCM-LFSA-D)

Thales Gemalto Document Reader QS1000 is an entry-level full-page document reader, part of our document reader solutions. Compact and fast data capture makes it ideal for commercial applications when you just have a couple of seconds for: age verification, customer onboarding, and authentication process. SMART Product Drivers and Ink. SMART Board MX Pro series SMART Board 7000R Pro series SMART Board 7000 Pro series Compare models. Additional Hardware. The package provides the installation files for Gemalto USB Smart Card Reader Driver version If the driver is already installed on your system, updating (overwrite-installing) may fix various issues, add new functions, or just upgrade to the available version. Product description 3M's latest generation reader is a compact, full-page reader to quickly authenticate passports, international passports, and any other 1D or 2D barcode IDs (driver's licenses, military IDs, etc.). It is ideal for smaller desktop-based operations and document authentication in government and commercial applications. Zebra DS8178 Series Cordless Handheld Scanner. Gemalto AT9000 MK2 Full Page Passport & Document Reader (UV & RFID) $ 1,299.00. Gemalto (former 3M.

Synchrotech AMD Series D (PCM-LFWA-D) Linear Flash
PCMCIA Linear Flash PC Cards AMD Series D (PCM-LFWA-D)

Adam Brisben, February 11, 1998

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3M QS Series Document Reader Driver

This document provides all of the current information about using PCMCIA cards with the Alesis QuadraSynth Plus, S4, S4 Plus and QS Series synthesizers.

How to choose PCMCIA Cards

The PCMCIA Card, or PC Card, is an exciting new format for use in both computers and musical instrument products such as the QuadraSynth Plus Piano, S4 Plus and new QS Series of Keyboards. PCMCIA stands for Personal Computer Memory Card International Association, and is very different from the PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) cards used for years by companies such as Roland and Korg. The PCMCIA Card format can support large amounts of data at tremendously fast access times at substantially lower costs than older formats.

Flash vs. Sram

Alesis uses PCMCIA Cards for both ROM and RAM applications. QuadraCards (or QCards) contain up to 8MBytes of both sample and program data.

The Alesis Sound Bridge sample transfer utility allows the user to transfer custom samples to Flash or SRAM cards from a PC or Macintosh computer. Alesis also offers 256KB and 512KByte SRAM card for program data storage. While it is possible to format SRAM cards using Soundbridge, due to their relatively limited storage capacity for sample data, SRAM cards are only practically used for program and mix data stored directly to the card from the synthesizer interface.

Flash RAM cards can be used up to 8MB of memory. Cards larger than 8MB may be used, but only the first 8 MB of data can be utilized. Flash RAM cards can only be written to Using the Soundbridge application with the card installed in the back of the Alesis synth. It is not possible to format Flash cards for Alesis synths in computer PCMCIA slots. Flash cards can be used to store one bank of mixes and programs, 50 sequences, and samples. There are three types of PCMCIA cards: Type I cards are 3.3mm thick and are used for fast access memory storage such as SRAM or Flash memory. Type II cards 5.0mm thick and are used for I/O applications such as modems or ethernet cards. Type III cards are typically 10.5mm thick and are used for mass data storage such as ATA drives. Alesis synthesizers use Type I cards only. Alesis synthesizers support all Type I SRAM cards with an access time of 200ns or faster.

3M QS Series Document Reader Driver

Certain Type I Flash Memory cards are also supported, including;

AMD C-series 5v Flash Memory Cards
1 MByte AmC001CFLKA
2 MByte AmC002CFLKA
4 MByte AmC004CFLKA
10 MByte AmC010CFLKA
AMD D-series 5v Flash Memory Cards
4 MByte AmC004DFLKA
8 MByte AmC008DFLKA *Note - only plastic case varieties of this model are compatible.
AMP Flash - 5C Memory Cards
1 MByte 2-797262-5
2 MByte 2-797262-6
4 MByte 2-797262-7
8 MByte 2-797262-8

Plastic vs. Metal cards with the QS7, 8, & R

QS7, QS8, and QSR users will want to make certain they purchase the PLASTIC variety of 8MB D series Flash card from AMD (8 MByte AmC008DFLKA) as they are not recognized properly by the unit. The problem is not with the casing itself, but is simply a means of identifying the card. The problem does not pertain to the C series variety or any other size card from AMD. We have resolved this problem with AMD and have purchased their remaining stock until resolved with the guarantee that compatible cards will be available until the problem is resolved.

Card Returns

If you have purchased a metal 8MB AMD card that does not work with your unit, simply contact our parts department to make arrangements to return the card to us. Once the card is received, we will send you a compatible Plastic card. We will then return the Metal card to AMD for credit. AMD has made this special agreement with Alesis only in order to help us accommodate our users. AMD has guaranteed they will keep the plastic variety in stock until they have the Metal Card issue is resolved on their end.

3M QS Series Document Reader Driver

Please note that only the 8MB metal D series cards do not work. The metal case for the C series cards from AMD work perfectly in all Alesis synthesis products.

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Soundbridge software is available for you to download under Software Upgrades in our Downloads section of the site.