AET65 1SAM ICC Reader Driver Download For Windows

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AET62 1SAM PICC Reader: 267 AET65 ICC Reader: 268 AET65 1SAM ICC Reader: 269 CryptoMate64: 270: 2. Rename 'ACR33 ICC Reader' to 'ACS ACR33U-A1 3SAM ICC Reader', 271 'ACS ACR33U-A2 3SAM ICC Reader', 'ACS ACR33U-A3 3SAM ICC Reader' and: 272 'ACS ACR33U 4SAM ICC Reader'. Fix incorrect max slot index for ACR1222U-C1. Download X-Net AF9035 BDA Device TV-tuner drivers or install DriverPack Solution. AF9015 BDA Device AET65 ICC Reader AET63. Considering I get nothing with Sichbro, I should give the Arcsoft program a go. Edit: So much for being hopeful. ArcSoft TMT is useless as it's a payware program, which is no longer supported by ArcSoft. Free download - ACS NFC RFID Smart Card Reader Drivers v., v., v. for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 32.

AET65 1SAM ICC Reader Driver Download For Windows1SAM

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Device:Smart Card A Drivers Installer
File Size:1.12 Mb
Supported OS:Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
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Smart Card A: Drivers List

1 drivers are found for ‘Smart Card A’. To download the needed driver, select it from the list below and click at ‘Download’ button. Please, ensure that the driver version totally corresponds to your OS requirements in order to provide for its operational accuracy.

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Подробнее о пакете драйверов:

Тип: драйвер
Имя: ACS NFC RFID Smart Card Reader Drivers
Производитель: Advanced Card Systems Ltd.
Версия драйвера (программы установщика):,,
Операционная система:
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Разрядность ОС:
32-bit (x86), 64-bit (x64)
Размер файла: 5.6 mb
Дата выхода: 2018-05-16

ACS NFC RFID Smart Card Reader Drivers. Характеристики драйвера

Драйверы версии ( для NFC считывателя ACR122U RFID Smart Card Reader от компании Advanced Card Systems Ltd. Предназначен для установки на Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.

Для установки необходимо распаковать архив и запустить файл - Setup.exe.

На Windows 7, если Вы не установили необходимые обновления Microsoft Windows и получили ошибку подписи драйвера (код 52), Вам необходимо установить драйвер версии

Aet65 1sam Icc Reader Driver Download For Windows 10

Aet65 1sam icc reader driver download for windows 8.1

Поддержка устройств:

  • ACS ACR32 ICC Reader
  • ACS ACR33U-A1 3SAM ICC Reader
  • ACS ACR33U-A2 3SAM ICC Reader
  • ACS ACR33U-A3 3SAM ICC Reader
  • ACS ACR33U 4SAM ICC Reader
  • ACS CCID USB Reader
  • ACS ACR3801
  • ACS ACR39 ICC Reader
  • ACS ACR39T-A3 ICC Reader
  • ACS ACR3901 ICC Reader
  • ACS ACR3901U USB FW_Upgrade
  • ACS ACR3901U USB FW_Upgrade
  • ACS ACR83U
  • ACS ACR88
  • ACS ACR89 ICC Reader
  • ACS ACR89 Dual Reader
  • ACS ACR89 FP Reader
  • ACS ACR100 ICC Reader
  • ACS ACR101 ICC Reader
  • ACS ACR102 ICC Reader
  • ACS ACR122
  • ACS ACR1222 1 SAM PICC Reader
  • ACS ACR1222 1 SAM Dual Reader
  • ACS ACR1222 Dual Reader
  • ACS ACR1222 3S PICC Reader
  • ACS ACR123 3S Reader
  • ACS ACR123 Reader
  • ACS ACR1251 CL Reader PICC
  • ACS ACR1251 1S CL Reader
  • ACS ACR1251 CL Reader PICC
  • ACS ACR1251U Smart Card Reader
  • ACS ACR1251U-C Smart Card Reader
  • ACS ACR1251K Dual Reader
  • ACS ACR1251 1S Dual Reader
  • ACS ACR1252 1S CL Reader
  • ACS ACR1252IMP 1S CL Reader
  • ACS ACR1252 CL Reader PICC
  • ACS ACR1252 USB FW_Upgrade v100
  • ACS ACR1255U-J1 PICC Reader
  • ACS ACR1256U PICC Reader
  • ACS ACR1261 CL Reader PICC
  • ACS ACR1261 1S Dual Reader
  • ACS ACR128U
  • ACS ACR1281 USB FW_Upgrade v100
  • ACS ACR1281 1S Dual Reader
  • ACS ACR1281 CL Reader
  • ACS ACR1281 PICC Reader
  • ACS ACR1281 Dual Reader
  • ACS ACR1281 PICC Reader
  • ACS ACR1281 Dual Reader
  • ACS ACR1281 2S CL Reader
  • ACS ACR1281 1S PICC Reader
  • ACS ACR1281U-K PICC Reader
  • ACS ACR1281U-K Dual Reader
  • ACS ACR1281U-K 1S Dual Reader
  • ACS ACR1281U-K 4S Dual Reader
  • ACS ACR1283U FW Upgrade
  • ACS ACR1283 4S CL Reader
  • ACS ACR1311 PICC Reader
  • ACS ACR1283 CL Reader PICC
  • ACS AET62 PICC Reader PICC
  • ACS AET62 1SAM PICC Reader
  • ACS AET65 ICC Reader ICC
  • ACS AMR220 Reader
  • ACS APG8201
  • ACS APG8201-B2
  • ACS CryptoMate64
  • ACS CryptoMate (T1)
  • ACS CryptoMate (T2)

AET65 1SAM ICC Reader Driver Download For Windows 10

Внимание! Перед установкой драйвера ACS NFC RFID Smart Card Reader Drivers рекомендутся удалить её старую версию. Удаление драйвера особенно необходимо - при замене оборудования или перед установкой новых версий драйверов для видеокарт. Узнать об этом подробнее можно в разделе FAQ.

Скриншот файлов архива

Файлы для скачивания (информация) - автоустановка (5.6 mb) v. от 16.05.2018 - ручная установка (1 mb) v. от 16.05.2018 - для Windows 7 (4.6 mb) v. if error (Code 52) - автоустановка (5.4 mb) v. от 05.02.2018 - ручная установка (1 mb) v. от 05.02.2018

Aet65 1sam Icc Reader Driver Download For Windows 8

Поддерживаемые устройства (ID оборудований):

USBVID_072F&PID_0001 Advanced Card Systems, LtdAC1030-basedSmartCardReader
USBVID_072F&PID_0100 Advanced Card Systems, LtdAET65
USBVID_072F&PID_0101 Advanced Card Systems, LtdAET65
USBVID_072F&PID_0102 Advanced Card Systems, LtdAET62
USBVID_072F&PID_0103 Advanced Card Systems, LtdAET62
USBVID_072F&PID_0901 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1281U-C4 (BSI)
USBVID_072F&PID_1204 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR101 ICCReader
USBVID_072F&PID_1205 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR100 ICCReader
USBVID_072F&PID_1206 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR102 ICCReader
USBVID_072F&PID_1280 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1222 1SAM DualReader
USBVID_072F&PID_2010 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR88
USBVID_072F&PID_2011 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR88U
USBVID_072F&PID_2100 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR128U
USBVID_072F&PID_2200 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR122U
USBVID_072F&PID_2206 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1222 3SPICCReader
USBVID_072F&PID_2207 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1222DualReader
USBVID_072F&PID_2208 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1281DualReader
USBVID_072F&PID_220A Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1281U-C5 (BSI)
USBVID_072F&PID_220B Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1251U -ACR1281
USBVID_072F&PID_220C Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1283Bootloader
USBVID_072F&PID_220F Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1281U-C2 (qPBOC)
USBVID_072F&PID_2211 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1261 1SDualReader
USBVID_072F&PID_2213 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1283 4SCL Reader
USBVID_072F&PID_2214 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR12221SAM PICCReader
USBVID_072F&PID_2215 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1281 2SCL Reader
USBVID_072F&PID_2218 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1251U-CSmart CardReader
USBVID_072F&PID_2219 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR123US_BL
USBVID_072F&PID_221A Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1251U-A1
USBVID_072F&PID_221B Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1251U-C
USBVID_072F&PID_2220 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1281 1SPICCReader
USBVID_072F&PID_2223 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1281PICCReader
USBVID_072F&PID_2224 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1281 1SDualReader
USBVID_072F&PID_2229 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1251 CLReaderPICC
USBVID_072F&PID_222C Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1283L-D2
USBVID_072F&PID_222E Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR123U
USBVID_072F&PID_2232 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1251KDualReader
USBVID_072F&PID_2233 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1281U-KPICCReader
USBVID_072F&PID_2234 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1281U-KDualReader
USBVID_072F&PID_2235 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1281U-K1S DualReader
USBVID_072F&PID_2236 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1281U-K4S DualReader
USBVID_072F&PID_2237 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR123Reader
USBVID_072F&PID_2239 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1256UPICCReader
USBVID_072F&PID_223B Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1252 1SCL Reader
USBVID_072F&PID_223D Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1252USBFW_Upgradev100
USBVID_072F&PID_223E Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1252 CLReaderPICC
USBVID_072F&PID_223F Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1255U-J1 PICCReader
USBVID_072F&PID_2242 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1251 1SDualReader
USBVID_072F&PID_224A Advanced Card Systems, LtdAMR220Reader
USBVID_072F&PID_224F Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1251 CLReaderPICC
USBVID_072F&PID_2252 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1261 CLReaderPICC
USBVID_072F&PID_2258 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1311PICCReader
USBVID_072F&PID_2259 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR1252IMP1S CLReader
USBVID_072F&PID_8002 Advanced Card Systems, LtdAET63BioTRUSTKey
USBVID_072F&PID_8201 Advanced Card Systems, LtdAPG8201
USBVID_072F&PID_8206 Advanced Card Systems, LtdAPG8201-B2
USBVID_072F&PID_8300 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR33U-A13SAM ICCReader
USBVID_072F&PID_8301 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR33U4SAM ICCReader
USBVID_072F&PID_8302 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR33U-A23SAM ICCReader
USBVID_072F&PID_8307 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR33U-A33SAM ICCReader
USBVID_072F&PID_8900 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR89U-A1
USBVID_072F&PID_8901 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR89U-A2
USBVID_072F&PID_8902 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR89U-A3
USBVID_072F&PID_9000 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR38AC1038-based SmartCardReader
USBVID_072F&PID_9006 Advanced Card Systems, LtdCryptoMate
USBVID_072F&PID_90CC Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR38SmartCardReader
USBVID_072F&PID_90CF Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR38 SAMSmart CardReader
USBVID_072F&PID_90D2 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR83U
USBVID_072F&PID_90D8 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR3801
USBVID_072F&PID_90DB Advanced Card Systems, LtdCryptoMate64
USBVID_072F&PID_B000 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR3901U
USBVID_072F&PID_B001 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR3901UUSBFW_Upgrade
USBVID_072F&PID_B100 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR39U
USBVID_072F&PID_B102 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR39T
USBVID_072F&PID_B106 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACOS5T2
USBVID_072F&PID_B200 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACOS5T1
USBVID_072F&PID_B301 Advanced Card Systems, LtdACR32-A1

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