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Mar 14, 2018 This is a Matlab driver for Thorlabs motorized stages. It is a class wrapper which calls the Kinesis.NET DLL library provided free from Thorlabs. It currently works with the PRM1Z8 and K10CR1 rotation stages, but it is hoped to expand this range. Find instrument drivers that are available for this instrument for use in LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, or Measurement Studio. Example programs are included with most instrument driver downloads. Optical Systems Software Downloads The links below will lead to software and driver downloads for our Optical Systems software downloads. For any questions regarding our software, please contact Technical Support. To search for the software for your device, please enter the Item Number here.

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I also face same problem , due to being very new to labview i do not undertand very well , i have to drive a piezo scanner with PZD High voltage amplifier and i have crio to controll and drive piezo scanner , can any body share some example codes with me. I am trying to drive a ThorLabs piezo controller https: Any help of any sort would be highly appreciated. What makes you think it will go faster than 5 kHz? Thank you for the reply. Message 10 of Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

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Click a thumbnail to view larger image: I suggest that you try prototyping a simple 3. So i tried to create a small program in thorlxbs which would read the volage output.

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Thorlabs MDT Single Channel Piezo Driver eBay

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Where is the document that describes the TTL interface? However it does not contain a lot of information on the TTL interface, more on the settings for the edge triggering.


I suppose there is some mistake on my part which i am not able to correct due to the lack of proper knowledge.

Thorlabs BPC301 Single Channel 150 V Benchtop Piezo Controller

Message 10 of I thought it would do the same with the TTL trigger inputs. I think that because it says that the input can also be used with an external manually operated switch it probably has debounce features and they will resist any rapid changes even though they may come from a TTL drive. The peizo section describing the TTL interface is found in the manual: We have 12 drivers for their devices, which could be for the devices you are talking about. Also it will be better if you could include links and datasheets on your future posts.

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Micro-Manager – thorlabs KPZ piezo and KSG strain gauge reader

At either end-limit of its travel an internal limit switch on the Inchworm Translator is triggered, and the Inchworm Controller automatically shuts down and turns on an indicator light. As far as I know there are no other drivers, but perhaps they have updated them since I used them. Please contact us to complete your request.

I used the ActiveX controls for some of their T-Cube devices a coupe of years ago. All the software I can seem to find for the controllers is this ActiveX stuff. I created a program with the help of the instructions provided in the APT-Labview guide ;iezo by Thorlabs. Simple TTL logic inputs to the controller will govern running, direction, and speed. I configured the controller to be edge triggered: Kindly send ;iezo the link of forum ,which would be suitable for my questions I managed to drive the controller at very low frequencies up to 5Hzbut for pieo frequencies the controller stops incrementing piiezo output voltage.

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DownloadDownload Thorlabs Driver

Message 5 of Most Active Software Boards: Whenever i try to run it i get the same error which says that ” Control HW Communications disabled “. What makes you think it will go faster than 5 kHz? I still have the T-cubes and may eventually use them again if I am in a pinch. Even there i got the same error message.

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