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The driver tips are precision-milled from hardened stainless steel, and are torque-tested to sustain over 42 N-cm in strength — more than the standard required by all major implant manufacturers.
The multi-driver set comes with a versatile 50 N-cm capacity torque wrench (AccuDriveTM item # TTOR50) with laser markings at 15, 25, 35, and 50 N-cm torque settings, perfect for placing implant bodies and seating abutments.
The built-in ratchet can be separated from the torque wrench and used independently when torque measurement is not needed.
A removable 4x4mm square adapter is also included . When the square adapter is removed, the torque wrench can be used to drive Straumann type tips and devices.
The travel guide for the torque lever has a closed end to prevent accidental derailing beyond 50 N-cm.

Drivers Dent Instruments Inc

Drivers Dent Instruments

Drivers Dent Instruments


The general goal in removing dents from brass instruments is to move the metal back, as close as possible, to where it was before the damage. For work on school instruments, this may not be necessary for the satisfaction of the band director, parent or student, but I think that you will agree that it is the ideal. The Neodent Torque Wrench was designed to allow the necessary torque to be applied and simultaneous verification of that torque with the same Instrument. The NeodentTorque Wrench comes with pre-calibrated torques: 10, 20, 32, 45 and 60 Ncm. The Wrench function works in both directions, by simply pulling and turning the driver’s pin 180°.

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Product Description
Includes 6 screw-driver tips, a 50 N-cm torque wrench, a hand adaptor, and an organizer base. The types of driver tips and their compatible brands are: Hex 0.048″ – Biomet 3i, Lifecore/Keystone; Hex 0.050″ – Zimmer, Astra, BioHorizon; UniGrip – Nobel-biocare; SCS – Straumann ITI; Square – 3i; Slot – Dentsply Friadent; The TSW50 is autoclave safe.