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Posted By admin On 31/01/22

Polk, Definitive Technology First Speakers to Qualify IMAX Enhanced Certification

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A compatible graphics driver (also called a graphics card, Graphics processor, video card, or GPU) lets you experience better performance with your apps and use more of its features. Learn how to update it. Getting a peek at the guts inside a speaker system you are considering purchasing can tell you a lot about the budget allocated towards the drivers in the design. Better parts truly can yield better performance in the hands of a competent designer which are more common these days with the advent of inexpensive measurement equipment. By building on a comprehensive empirical data set from interviews with middle, senior and top-level management involved in overseeing and/or pursuing SBMI, we identified an exhaustive set of barriers and drivers at the organizational design level that contribute to dynamic capabilities for SBMI.

Drivers Performance Design Products

Drivers Performance Design

DTS and IMAX are now extending their IMAX Enhanced certification system to loudspeakers, so consumers will know which speakers will get them closer to that IMAX experience at home. The first speakers in line to receive certification are the higher-end models from Polk Audio and Definitive Technology. Will the only speakers to be IMAX Enhanced certified be expensive high-performance speakers? Will the certification be watered down to include mediocre speakers? How does it compare to THX certification for loudspeakers? Read on to find out.

DriversDrivers performance design group

Drivers Performance Design Group


Drivers Performance Design Inc

DTS and IMAX are extending their IMAX Enhanced certification to loudspeakers so consumers will know which speakers will get them closer to that IMAX experience at home. See what brands are first.