Drivers System Sensor

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Dual Strobe Expander Plates

. Updated: This software/driver is newer than the original version. It replaces the original software and is recommended for use. Archive: This software/driver has been replaced with an updated version. It is no longer current. Fujitsu does not provide support for the installation or use of Archive software/driver downloads. Manufacturer's Detail Page - SYSTEM SENSOR. We sell 367 items made by SYSTEM SENSOR. This page shows items 1 to 21. The system uses infrared sensors to monitor driver attentiveness. Specifically, the Driver Monitoring System includes a CCD camera placed on the steering column which tracks the face, via infrared LED detectors.

Cut costs, speed installation, and improve aesthetics on your emergency communications system (ECS) applications by combining the functions of two to three devices on a single mounting plate and back box. SpectrAlert® Advance Dual Strobe and Dual Strobe with Speaker Expander Plates provide dual strobe or speaker strobe functionality that's easy for a single person to wire and install.

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Emergency Communicatons Systems

Drivers System sensorDrivers System sensor

Meet ECS and mass notification system (MNS) requirements using your existing fire system and SpectrAlert Advance audible visible devices from System Sensor - the world leader in life safety notification.

Drivers System Sensor Problems

Our ECS and MNS devices and accessories include all the versatility and benefits of the entire SpectrAlert Advance line, including a family look, plug-in designs, universal mounting plates with onboard shorting springs, and field-selectable settings. SpectrAlert Advance emergency communications devices can greatly simplify the design, installation, and maintenance of your ECS or MNS, so you can save time and money while meeting NFPA requirements.

Drivers System Sensor

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Drivers System Sensors

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