Drivers Veritas Software TapeDrive

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Hi all, Still struggling to get to grips with BE2012, this time with tape library options. We have an HP MSL2024 robotic library which contains 2 drives. If I look at the License summary screen on the BE server it shows that we have 'library expansion option' and 'virtual tape library unlimited driv. Problem: Win32TapeDrive returns provider failure when using Veritas tape driver in Win2K Steps: 1. Install VERITAS Tape Driver 2. Launch wbemtest 3. Connect to root cimv2 4. Enter 'select. from Win32TapeDrive' Result: Provider Failure.

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Drivers Veritas Software Tape Driver

Jul 23, 2003
Hello, THANKS for your time, help, and advise! Drivers veritas software tape drivers
Searching the forums for related items were not successful, And, I apologize if this is the wrong forum to discuss this issue.
We are supporting a Windows 98 Second Edition system with an old Seagate STT20000A (Hornet,I think.) tape drive and the Veritas BackupExec Desktop 4.5A. Several backup tapes have been created.TapeDrive
The system with the Seagate STT20000A tape drive and Veritas Backup Exec went 'south'. A new CPU and Hard Disk was installed with the Seagate Tape drive still on the IDE/ATAPI cable. The system was rebuilt with W98SE and is now up and running and the tape drive device was recognized by 'CONTROL PANEL/SYSTEM'! (Proper Drivers installed???).
Since the bad Hard Disk Drive had the BackupExec 4.5A and Seagate tape drivers installed these will require re-delivery.

o We Cannot find the customer's CD for the delivery
of the Veritas BackupExec Desktop 4.5A and
Veritas does not support this version any longer.​

As we understand from Veritas, the 'Backup Exec Desktop' was farmed out to WWW.STOMPSOFT.COM. STOMPSOFT says we need:Drivers
But, STOMPSOFT no longer has these product versions and they have pointed us to some 'After Market' links like CDW, eBay, AMAZON.COM, etc.Drivers veritas software tape drivers
We would like to get something--- 'Veritas Backup Exec Desktop 4.5A', or 'Backup My PC 4.<--->5. on a CD, or from a link to download (for purchase) that reads the format created by Backup Exec 4.5A from the 20GB TRAVAN backup tapes to restore the stuff to the rebuilt computer.
Searching for the Veritas Backup Exec Desktop 4.5A or any 4.x version is not

Drivers Veritas Software Tape Drivers

We have found BACKUP MY PC version 5.0, but the documentation mentions the following:
'This 5.0 version is the last version that will be able to restore using this File Compression technique. As a result to protect against incompatibility, this version (5.0) will not allow you to APPEND data to a backup media created with a previous version of BACKUP MY PC'

Since we think our tapes were created with a lesser or previous version of the BACKUP MY PC 5.0 (Veritas BACKUP EXEC DESKTOP 4.5A), we have tried to find BACKUP MY PC versions 4.x with no success.
It would be great for any information, download links,or related experiences (for purchase, etc.)
Drivers veritas software tape drivers THANKS for your time, help, and advise!!!