Qualcomm Atheros Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driver

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Qualcomm is teaming up with networking silicon vendor Atheros Communications on a reference design for dual-mode cell and Wi-Fi phones, the companies announced Friday. Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ mobile platforms enable OEMs to build industry-leading smartphones and in-demand apps with premium performance and powerful functionality including high-megapixel cameras, brilliant virtual reality and more.

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The high definition audio your ears deserve

Qualcomm Atheros mobile technical forum. On this page you will find the latest questions and time and answers regarding Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile chipsets in connection with use in mobile phones and other devices. If you want to write a new question or respond to a question, you need to register - we only require a functional email. The Snapdragon QSD8250 was released in December 2007. It included the first 1 GHz processor for mobile phones. Qualcomm introduced its 'Krait' microarchitecture in the second generation of Snapdragon SoCs in 2011, allowing each processor core to adjust its speed based on the device's needs. Qualcomm invents breakthrough technologies that transform how the world connects, computes and communicates. When we connected the phone to the Internet, the mobile revolution was born. Today, as we unlock 5G, we’re applying our mobile expertise to transform industries, create jobs, and enrich lives.

Qualcomm aptX HD was designed to answer the growing demand for high resolution audio. This enhanced codec supports 24-bit music quality over Bluetooth. This means listeners can hear even the smallest details in their music.

Key Features

Wireless HD sound

Mobile Phones In India

aptX HD is designed to deliver 24-bit wireless HD audio wirelessly over Bluetooth

Mobile Phones Uk

High signal output for amazing sound

aptX HD has been engineered to improve the signal-to-noise ratio, resulting in lower background noise

Minimal sound distortion

With lower Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) and no audio artefacts you can enjoy your music with hardly any interference

“Indistinguishable from high resolution audio”


“From the analysis of the results from the 24 participants that took part in the test it is concluded that participants were unable to consistently detect a difference between 96kHz/24bit audio and 48kHz/24bit aptX HD encoded and decoded audio”

- Salford University independent test results, 2015

Technical Specifications

Qualcomm atheros mobile phones & portable devices driversAtheros
  • 24-bit, up to 48kHz sampling rate
  • 3.3kwords (encoder) / 3.6kwords (decoder)
  • 1.8kwords
  • 576 Kbits (48 kHz sampling)
  • Backwards compatible with existing aptX products

The other versions of aptX

By adapting sound to the use case, say watching a video rather than listening to music, it optimizes your experience and brings improved robustness for a better listening experience, fully synchronized audio and video and an overall more seamless user experience.

Designed to deliver fully synchronized audio and video content, just the thing for using a Bluetooth wireless headset for gaming, where milliseconds mean virtual life or death.

Qualcomm Atheros Mobile Phones Handset

Our original aptX technology powers the wireless sound behind many of the world’s finest smartphones, speakers, soundbars, headphones and tablets.

Qualcomm Atheros Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Drivers

Qualcomm aptX is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.